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Let's Unpack The Best TV Shows About Therapy

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List RulesVote up the best shows on television - reality or scripted - that focus on therapy as a big part of the story.

Television shows about therapy are surprisingly common. Sure, lots of series feature a scene or two with a psychologist, but quite a few also focus on the lives of the therapists themselves or the people they're helping. There are both scripted and reality shows about therapy and therapists, ranging from weird comedy to very serious looks at life-impacting problems.

Whatever kind of therapy TV show you're looking for, there is probably one that will be just what the doctor ordered. From the fun and still informative Sex Education on Netflix to intense episodes of Hoarders, there's a show about therapy for you. The best TV shows about therapy aren't always about the best therapists either - hilariously bad therapists in scripted series can be part of the fun. But when it comes to unscripted series and reality shows we want therapists who know what they're doing, both so the very real people being helped have the tools they need and so maybe we can learn something along the way.

Vote up your favorite shows about therapy and therapists, whether they're scripted series or reality shows.