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The Greatest TV Shows About Star-Crossed Lovers And Other Doomed Relationships

17 Jul 2020 661 votes 35 voters43 items

List RulesVote up the best scripted shows with the central themes of star-crossed lovers, one-sided relationships, and unreciprocated romance.

Sure romance is great but have you tried getting completely wrapped up in a story about unrequited love? Whether the lovers are star-crossed, their relationship is forbidden, or their ship never sails no matter how clearly it was destined to be, unrequited love adds delicious complexity to any romantic storyline.

Whether their lives just seem to never align even when their hearts do (Normal People), there is a character cultivating a passionately one-sided relationship (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), or if it just won't work because: magic (Buffy), unrequited love can be the thing that keeps us watching. Will they or won't they? And will we be actually kind of disappointed if they do? Luckily, some star-crossed romance series, like Once Upon A Time, have enough character pairings and things that get in the way of those pairings to keep our hearts going and our faves pining.

Their relationship may be star-crossed but let your vote aim true and vote up your favorite shows about unrequited love.

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