Good TV Shows for Young Boys To Watch

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Figuring out the best TV shows for young boys to watch can be tough. When they're not quite teens but are grown past shows for little kids, finding engaging shows with good role models for boys and interesting storylines can be difficult. Luckily, there seem to be more and more great shows for tween boys every year, so whether he likes superheroes or super silly stories, there is something he'll love. If you’ve been looking for good shows for boys, or great shows to binge at a sleepover, this list of the best television shows appropriate for young boys will help you find the right balance of fun to watch, inspirational, and educational shows for boys.

Every boy is different and just because a kid is a boy doesn’t mean they necessarily want to watch "boy shows”. The best shows for boys to watch find a balance between complex themes and imaginative storylines, with a wide range of characters to be inspired by. This includes everything from new series based on comic books like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Teen Titans Go! to fantastical animated series such as OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes and Adventure Time. Great shows for boys sometimes even include leads that are girls, but have a world populated with awesome guys, like The Legend of Korra. There are also plenty of classic shows their parents grew up with, like Gargoyles that boys of today will still love.

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