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Latest additions: The Chosen, The Fame Game, One Piece
Most divisive: Arrested Development

Discovering a new favorite show on Netflix can be an exhilarating experience, with the streaming platform continuously adding an abundance of both original and licensed content. This wide selection offers something for every taste, whether viewers prefer drama, comedy, science fiction, or true crime documentaries. As any avid television watcher knows, stumbling upon a fantastic series is akin to hitting the jackpot, providing hours of entertaining storytelling and captivating plots.

Currently gracing Netflix's vast library are highly acclaimed shows such as Stranger Things, Who Killed Sara?, and Jupiter's Legacy. These examples demonstrate the breadth of content available on the platform - from supernatural mysteries set in the 1980s to current-day whodunits and superhero-themed dramas. Each series offers its own unique allure and charm, making it difficult to determine which shows truly stand out from the rest and deserve recognition.

To help guide audiences through this sea of TV gold, voters have determined the best shows available on Netflix right now. This list provides insight into which programs are worth investing time in among the ever-growing library of options. Take part in this democratic process by voting on favorites that are currently available on Netflix, ensuring that fellow viewers find their next binge-worthy obsession. With so many top-tier options to choose from, making a choice has never been more challenging – or rewarding.

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