The Greatest Period TV Shows Set in the 1900s

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Forget about the 2000s, the best shows set at the turn of the century are in the 1900s. With the Edwardian era nearing its end, there are plenty of dramas set in the 1900s. Freed from the restraining laces of the Victorian era, TV shows set in the 1900s share the unique sense of daring of the start of the 20th century that balances well with their soft, Gibson girl aesthetics. Shows that begin in the Victorian Era (1837-1901) but continue a couple of years into the 1900s are also fair game for a fabulous turn-of-the-century aesthetic.

The 20th century started raring to go, with all sorts of inventions, changes in styles and a robust, if still young, entertainment industry. It's no wonder television series set in the 1900s follow historical drama, such as Houdini or Mr. Selfridge - two of several shows inspired by or based on real events. The Channel 4 reality series, The 1900 House, takes things a step further by having a modern family see what it's like to live in the cusp of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Several other shows look at the class problems that such a disparity of wealth caused, shows such as Howards End, Upstairs, Downstairs, and even the comedy Another Period touch on the drama between servants and their employers.

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