The Greatest Period TV Shows Set in the 2000s

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Vote up the best TV series set in the 2000s, but filmed in a more modern era.

It may be rough to realize it but the 2000s were, at minimum, over a decade ago and we now have period drama TV shows set in the 2000s. The start of the millennia has entered the hallowed halls of history and is ripe for the picking by networks who want to pluck the strings of nostalgia or just plumb the depths of dramatic retellings of the start of the 21st century.

This strange little decade is the setting for everything from crime dramas like Better Call Saul to school stories such as PEN15 that are almost too recent to not sting a little when you laugh. The 2000s are also a popular setting for series that play wth time and place like True Detective and This Is Us. The '00s are a touchstone, a point in time now comfortably in the past that gives the viewer some distance from the drama.

Whether you want to take some time to reflect back on decades past or need some good ol' nostalgia, vote up your choices for the best shows set in the '00s, and see where your favorite period 2000s TV shows rank. If you feel daring, take a look at the best '00s shows while you're at it and marvel at how long ago but yet so recent it was.