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The Greatest TV Shows Set in the 2020s

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When it comes to science fiction television shows, many of them have 20/20 vision - the year 2020, that is. From anime to American comedies and British dramas, the best TV shows set in the 2020s play with the possibilities of our near future.

Television series set in the 2020s that are from earlier decades, such as the 1970s Sealab 2020, or '80s television shows such as Terrahawks and Star Cops, had a little more elbow room for prediction than shows made later.  Shows like The Last Man on Earth (2015) and Tokyo Vampire Hotel (2017) are telling stories about the incredibly near future and rely on catastrophic events or the twists of a genre like horror and science fiction to add mental distance to events set less than a decade into the future. Years and Years starring Emma Thompson may be the boldest - and cutting it the closest to being released in the same decade it is set in - airing in 2019 and following the lives of the characters over the next 15 years. The second season of Netflix's Dark also added 2020 to it's list of time-hopping storylines, airing just six months before the decade change.

Which of these top TV shows set in the 2020s are your favorites? Check out the list below and vote up the best science fiction shows, comedies, and series, while voting down the shows that aren't enjoyable.

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    Set in: 2020s

    Astro Boy, known in Japan by its original name Mighty Atom, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka from 1952 to 1968. The story follows the adventures of a robot named Astro Boy and a selection of other characters. The manga was adapted into the first popular animated Japanese television series that embodied the aesthetic that later became familiar worldwide as anime. After enjoying success abroad, Astro Boy was remade in the 1980s as New Mighty Atom, known as Astroboy in other countries, and again in 2003. In November 2007, he was named Japan's envoy for overseas safety. An American computer-animated film based on the original manga series by Tezuka was released...  more
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    • Set in: 2020s

      Transformers: Energon is the 2004–2005 Transformers toyline, animated series, and comic book series. The Transformers' primary gimmicks are the Autobots' ability to combine with partners of the same size, the Decepticons' ability to use powered up forms, and the addition of Energon weapons....  more
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      • Set in: 2025

        Power Rangers S.P.D. is an American television series and the thirteenth season of the Power Rangers franchise, based on the Super Sentai series, Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. It debuted on February 5, 2005, on ABC Family. New episodes continued to debut on ABC Family until the episode "Messenger, Part 1". Starting with "Messenger, Part 2" episodes began to debut on Toon Disney. It is also the title for the Korean dub of Dekaranger in South Korea, whose logo is similar to the American series. S.P.D. stands for "Space Patrol Delta"; in Dekaranger, it stood for Special Police Dekaranger, and in the South Korean dub of Dekaranger, it stood for Special Police Delta. A Japanese dub of S.P.D....  more
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          Set in: 2020

          Gerry Anderson & Christopher Burr's Terrahawks, simply referred to as Terrahawks, is a 1980s British science fiction television series produced by Anderson Burr Pictures and created by the production team of Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr. The show was Anderson's first in over a decade to utilize puppets for its characters, and also his last. Anderson's previous puppet-laden TV series included Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Set in the year 2020, the series followed the adventures of the Terrahawks, a taskforce responsible for protecting Earth from invasion by a group of extraterrestrial androids and aliens led by Zelda. Like Anderson's previous puppet series,...  more
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