The Greatest Period TV Shows Set During the '20s

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Oh, those Roaring Twenties, offering new heights of fashion and a sense of wild abandon. The best television shows set in the '20s encompass the whole emotional scope of the 1920s - from fancy flappers to the stock market flop of 1929.

Even with WWI past, there was still a lot of life to pick pack up in the 1920s and the best historical dramas touch on the turbulence of the era. Some of the best '20s TV shows are based on organized independent businessmen who were working around the laws of Prohibition, such as Boardwalk Empire; or filling the voids left when the world was changed post-WWI, as in Peaky Blinders or Resistance. Television shows set in the 1920s are also important parts of long, multi-generational dramas that follow a family - including shows such as The Thorn Birds, The Village, and Downton Abbey.

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