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The Greatest TV Shows Set in the '30s

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The Great Depression spanned the entirety of the 1930s and television shows set in this decade reflect the tumult and worry of the era. The best television shows set in the '30s often follow the stories of families trying to make it through some of the country's hardest times. TV shows set in the 1930s also tend to be full of detectives, mysteries, and intrigue - finding the same solace in drama that many people did during the decade itself.

Television crime dramas such as The Untouchables are based on real stories of federal agents in the '30s. Even as the US was going through the Great Depression and the end of Prohibition, the UK was caught in-between Great Wars and there are many shows about spies that reflect that, including Spies of Warsaw and Ian Flemming: The Man Who Would Be Bond. The same sort of intrigue can be found in the adaptations of Agatha Christie's Poirot and other detective series such as Banyon. But not all television shows set in the 1930s are intense dramas, there are also many family stories such as The Waltons, The Durells and Paper Moon and even comedies like Jeeves and Wooster.

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