The Greatest Period TV Shows Set in the 1970s

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As opposed to most other decades, the '70s are easily one of the more celebrated and referenced decades in American history. Alongside the '60s and '80s, the 1970s brought with it unique fashion, a new take on music, and a great deal of catch phrases—can you dig it? And while there are plenty of great shows to have come out of the decade, you can't forget the numerous TV shows set in the '70s—paying tribute to the fads and times that are so definitive of this groovy era. Of all the '70s-set TV shows, which do you think are best?

Whether you're looking for great content or shows that simply represent the decade best, TV series set in the '70s make for serious entertainment. From hilarious sitcoms to period dramas, there's really something for everyone. Perhaps one of the best TV shows set in the '70s is the aptly named That '70s Show—complete with family values, humor, teen drama, and so much more. On the other side of the spectrum, you have hit dramas like Mad Men and The Deuce, not to mention animated shows like Black Dynamite. In short, you can find a long list of modern TV shows set in the '70s, all of which provide their own look into such a classic era. 

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