The Greatest Period TV Shows Set in the '80s

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Take a trip back to the past and check out this list of the best TV shows set in the '80s. Both before the '80s hit and long after they passed, this eclectic era has long been the subject and setting for a range of TV shows and movies. Whether it's the awesome '80s music, the funky clothes, or simply the overall feel of the decade, the '80s are sorely missed—but we have plenty of awesome TV shows set in the 1980s to reflect back on the good ol' days. But which show about the '80s is the very best?

From newer sci-fi shows like Stranger Things to well-written dramas like GLOW and hilarious sitcoms such as The Goldbergs—not to mention That '80s Show—the top shows set in the '80s span a variety of genres. We even have animated shows taking place in the '80s, including Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones and Code Monkeys. In short, the 1980s were a fine time to pretend to be in, and numerous shows did it quite well.

What modern TV shows set in the '80s are your favorites? How about those made prior to the 1980s? Vote up your choices for the best shows set in the '80s, and see where your favorite period 1980s TV shows rank - you can vote on the best '80s shows if that's what you're looking for.

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