The Greatest Period TV Shows Set In The 1990s

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For millennials, the '90s represent some of the best things in life. For others, it's just another decade of odd trends that'll resurface time and time again. For TV, however, the '90s were a common setting for a variety of shows. Though the era may not be comparable to shows set in the '80s or the future, there are certainly some great TV shows set in the '90s that we all have come to know and love. Sure, the '90s didn't bring us classic rock like the 1960s, but it did provide a decent time frame for a broad range of series, from true crime to comedy. Of all the top shows set in the '90s, what's your favorite?

As you might imagine, most of these '90s-set TV shows aired after the decade came and went. Nevertheless, some shows did use the '90s as a future time. Alien Nation, for instance, originally aired in 1989 and was set in the near future of 1995. Of course, the large majority of these shows set in the '90s came years after, providing a nostalgic look back at such a wonderful decade. These are shows like Everything Sucks!, Surviving Jack, and the hit series Fresh Off the Boat. What do you think are the best TV shows set in the '90s?

Whether you want to take some time to reflect back on decades past or need some good ol' nostalgia, vote up your choices for the best shows set in the '90s, and see where your favorite period 1990s TV shows rank. For an extra dose of nostalgia, take a look at the best '90s shows while you're at it.

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