The Greatest TV Shows Set in the Future

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Blast forward in time and help rank the best TV shows set in the future. Since the early days of television, futuristic themes and settings have always been a hot commodity. Whether it's a show from 1996 looking into the crazy future world of 2017 and 2019 or a hilarious cartoon set thousands of years from now, a broad range of TV shows have been set in the future—whenever that may be. From alien communication to flying cars and teleportation, nothing's off-limits when it comes to the future—which is what makes these shows so great.

For whatever reason, there's a long list of animated shows set in the future, from the hit cartoon Futurama to the classic Duck Dodgers. Perhaps it's because drawing a futuristic world is easier than physically creating one. Whatever the reason, we'll take it. Of course, top sci-fi shows set in the future also include live-action—and they're often more entertaining. Just think of such titles like Planet of the Apes, Lost in Space, and Doctor Who. In short, there's a wide selection of both modern shows about the future and those made decades ago.

What's your favorite show set in the future? Vote up your choices for the best shows set in the future, and see where your favorite futuristic TV shows rank. And if you'd like to take a trip to the past, check out some TV shows set in the 50s.

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