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The Greatest Period TV Shows Set in the Regency Era

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Generally considered the years between 1795 and 1837, the Regency era spans more than just English empire waists and tales of manners. The same set of years that contains most Jane Austen adaptations also includes the French Restoration - meaning while Emma was happening in one country Les Misérables was happening in another . Television series set in the Regency Era is just as full of social intrigue, drama, and beautiful fashions as the era itself. Even though the Regency period sometimes gets overshadowed by a dozen novel adaptations, the best television series look beyond the books and delve into the social issues of the era.

The late 1700s into the early 19th century was full of big changes all over the world. While politely tense tales were played out in Britan with stories such as Little Dorrit and Northanger Abbey and in France Napoleon Bonaparte was rising to power (and falling from it), the United States was creating the stories that would later fuel the idea of the "wild west" - including vigilantes such as Zorro.

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