The Greatest Period TV Shows Set in the Victorian Era

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Vote up the best shows set in the Victorian Era (from 1837-1901) that are not Westerns.

The Victorian era technically spans the reign of England's Queen Victoria, from 1837-1901, and marks a time of social change and the industrial revolution. The early-mid 1800s into the first steps of the 20th century was full of big changes all over the world. The same set of years contains everything from straightforward Charles Dickens adaptations to steampunk reimaginings of the era's most notable literary characters and detectives.

One of the more fascinating aspects of television series set in the Victorian Era is the knowledge that just across the pond (from 1865-1895 at least) was the Old West. The simultaneous experience of a world undergoing vast industrial change while also forging new horizons is part of what defines the Victorian era. As important as the West was, the best television series about the Victorian era focus not on cowboys but cities. Think The Alienist, not The Virginian.

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