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The Best Live-Action TV Shows Starring Animals

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List RulesVote up the best shows on television of all time that have an animal as the lead or one of the main cast members.

Actors work hard to bring characters to life. However, there are numerous live-action TV shows where the standout character isn't a human at all. In many cases, the humans get upstaged by an adorable animal that went through extensive training to perform the role well. From actual, expressive animals to puppets, many animals have graced the small screen over the years, and this is the time to honor the best of the best. Shows starring dogs, cats, horses, and much more have gone on the air and captured the hearts of millions. 

All kinds of shows starring animals have been made. Comedies will often use talking animals to get a good laugh out of the audience. Dramas will incorporate animals and pets to humanize certain characters. Children's shows will educate kids about animals And there are shows that use animals in an outside-of-the-box way that is totally unique. 

All of these shows feature animals in either a lead role or in the primary supporting cast. These shows have all come out in different eras, so people of all ages will find TV shows they/ve watched and enjoyed. These are the best shows that star animals of all time and you have the power to vote on your favorites. 

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