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The Best 2019 TV Shows Starring Movie Stars

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UPDATED: Check out the best shows starring movie stars in 2020!

The lines between movie stars and television stars are blurrier than ever before. Decades ago, actors would start out on TV and gradually work their way up to starring in movies. After the start of the golden age of television, numerous movie stars flocked to television series to be part of a premier movement. There are numerous TV shows starring movie stars, and chances are good you have seen at least a couple of them over the years.

Julia Roberts is one of the biggest actresses in the world, but she recently made the jump to the small screen with an incredible performance in Homecoming. Steve Buscemi has starred in many classic films, and in 2019, he portrayed God in the series The Miracle Workers on TBS. This is only the tip of the star-studded iceberg. Regardless of whether you still tune in to cable shows or only watch Netflix original series, you are bound to watch a series starring your favorite movie actor. 

The following list contains TV shows that will air new episodes in 2019. All of them star at least one famous movie actor. Vote on your favorites to let everyone know what they should be watching this upcoming year.