Other The Best Shows to Binge Watch  

Jordan Bates

Sometimes on a day off, when you've finally got time to spare, you want more than just a movie or a single episode of TV: you need a movie marathon. Nestled in the comfort of your couch, bed, or fancy leather recliner, you queue up a series on your TV or laptop and just let the streaming service take over.

That sounds heavenly, until you get to the most difficult part - what show do you binge watch for the day? Choosing the right series requires the utmost attention to detail and your own interests, lest you realize you've chosen wrong after you just got comfortable in your blankets.

It helps to choose a show with an in-depth storyline, allowing you to better follow the show as it unfolds. While you might struggle to follow the plot of a show when tuning in week-to-week, binge-watching means you'll be more in-tune with the plot.

Thankfully, we at Ranker wish to make your lazy day the laziest it can possibly be, and we've assembled the best possible TV shows to binge watch. Check out the video below to figure out the perfect series for you.