The Best Current Shows That Are Darker Than Night
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The Best Current Shows That Are Darker Than Night

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Vote up the best scripted television shows currently airing new episodes that keep the tone dark, whether they're drama, horror or another heavy genre.

Some television viewers enjoy diving into the dark underbelly of society or the human psyche. There are plenty of horror programs that will air this year that present a supernatural threat that endangers the characters in terrifying ways. Some dark shows instead depict that the biggest monster of all is... man. If these types of shows pique your interest, then you will be pleased to hear that there are plenty of shows with dark themes that will air in the coming year. 

Each season of American Horror Story deals with a new set of characters dealing with horrifying monstrosities. There may not be any ghosts or ghouls in True Detective, but that does not stop the characters from having to contend with the darkest aspects of society. Who needs a monster with fangs lurking around the corner when you can see how the world really works when people give in to their base instincts

These are some of the best series with dark themes you will get new episodes for in the near future. You can vote on which shows are the best and vote down on the shows that are just too dark for your liking. Give in to your dark side with this list. 

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