The Best TV Shows With Therapy Scenes

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Thousands of people benefit from therapy every day. Some people learn how to better handle their emotions, and married couples learn how to create a stronger bond. However, plenty of people are still resistant to the idea for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are numerous TV shows with therapy scenes that help to destigmatize people seeking professional help.TV shows with therapists show that it is not shameful to get help when you need it. Even a tough guy like Tony Soprano sought help from Jennifer Melfi after he had a panic attack. Melfi was a regular on the show, and she is only the beginning of a long list. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist provided a more humorous depiction of therapy life. One of the better television psychotherapists, he helped numerous actors and comedians over the years through improvised conversations. 

Whether you have gone to therapy in real life or just like it when your favorite TV character has a chance to voice their problems, this list is for you. Some of these shows featured therapy scenes in-depth while others only had an episode or two about it. What do you think are the best television series with therapy scenes? Let us know by voting below. 


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    The Therapist: Jennifer Melfi

    The Patient: Tony Soprano

    Their Issues: Panic attacks.

    The Breakthrough: At the end of the series, Dr. Melfi is actually the one to realize the impact her sessions with Tony haven't been all that productive. At a dinner party, Dr. Melfi learns therapy can give sociopathic people justification to continue committing criminal acts. At their last meeting, Dr. Melfi refers Tony to another therapist and says she cannot help him any longer.

  • The Therapist: Dr. Amanda Reisman

    The Patients: Celeste and Perry

    The Issue: Domestic abuse.

    The Breakthrough: Dr. Reisman gets Celeste to admit she's afraid she might be slain by her husband's hand. 

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    The Therapist: Dr. Nicky

    The Patients: Joe and Beck, albeit separately.

    The Issue: They both want guidance on their new relationship. 

    The Breakthrough: Beck cheats on Joe with Dr. Nicky. When Joe finds out, he does what he does best and locks Beck in the basement of the book store, framing Dr. Nicky for the crime.

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    The Therapist: Dr. Marvin Monroe

    The Patients: The Simpsons family.

    Their Issue: Homer wants his family to be well-behaved to impress Mr. Burns.

    The Breakthrough: Dr. Monroe resorts to shock therapy, and the Simpsons all shock each other. Dr. Monroe gives Homer $500 to tell no one he failed to help them, and they use the money to buy a new TV.