The Best Showtime Shows Of All Time, Ranked

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At their peak, the best Showtime shows and series are on par with some of the best big screen movies and HBO original series. While movies only have two or three hours to introduce characters and develop a plot, Showtime shows are given many hours to present characters and storylines. This gives the audience a stronger connection to characters that isn’t replicated in film. But that doesn’t mean all Showtime series are exactly film-quality. So to find out which original Showtime show is the best, fans have voted for their favorites below.

Though Showtime still broadcasts plenty of films, more and more people are turning to them for original series content. Shows such as Dexter and Homeland drew in millions of viewers and have had multiple seasons. In fact, Dexter is probably one of the most popular Showtime shows of all time, peaking at 3 million views for the season eight premiere.

They have no sign of slowing down, with new shows premiering and old shows returning every Fall season. Recently, their hit shows have included Ray Donovan, Shameless, Homeland, and House of Lies. Not only are they some of the best Showtime shows ever, they’re among the best TV shows ever. All three have starred actors that have won or been nominated for awards. For a more recent look at the best Showtime shows, you’ll want to check out this ranking of Showtime's current lineup.

As for the best Showtime series ever however, this list is the one to look at. Below, vote for your favorite shows that originally premiered on the Showtime network. Looking for a particular show? Use the search box at the top of the list to find it.

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