The Best Movies On Shudder

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AMC’s streaming service Shudder specializes in all things horror. To save you the time and effort, here are the 100 best movies on Shudder. For just a few bucks a month, subscribers can gain access to Shudder’s original content and acquired titles.

There are so many subgenres in horror. These old and new horror movies on Shudder include creature features, psychological thrillers, paranormal, sci-fi, and even comedy. Yes, films like Night of the Living Deb and Heathers are great examples of comedies on Shudder, and are as scary as anything starring Michael Myers. However, they also manage to be downright hilarious. There are several monster movies on Shudder.

Also not to be missed are the dozens of Shudder original films. The stylish action horror film Mayhem and Tigers Are Not Afraid, along with the documentary Horror Noire, which explores a history of black horror, were especially made to delight and fright scream fans looking for content that they can’t find anywhere else. What are the best Shudder movies? Vote up or down on the list below. This will help determine the scariest movie on Shudder.

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