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17 Of The Best Side Jobs For Millennials

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If you haven’t heard, millennials are broke. And the only 20 and early 30-somethings who are actually keeping their heads above water are doing so because they’ve figured out the best side hustles for making a nominal amount of cash. Side hustles, or an extra job for all you grandpas out there, are how millennials make money – because they definitely can’t afford rent, bills, and a weekly brunch on whatever salary their normal job provides. The economy is always in flux, but the 2008 housing crisis forced everyone to either take on a second job, or to change their retirement plans indefinitely. In its most simplistic terms, that means that there were no “real” jobs waiting for millennials when they got out of college. Now the only way to live is to adopt a side hustle. Are you ready to step into the world of millennial finances?

The most important part about having a side hustle is for you not to be embarrassed about having to make some money on the side. (Hey, some people even like their side hustle so much they can quit their job.) Anyone who says they don’t have to tighten their belts is either lying through their teeth or they have a trust fund and they’ll be feeling the burden soon enough. Whether you’re a millennial looking for ideas on how to make some extra money on the side, or you’re just intrigued at what young people are doing for money, all of these are earnest, and viable ways of making a living in a time when it’s very hard to make money. Vote on the best side hustles for millennials, that is if you have the time to take a break from one of your three jobs. 

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    Sign Spinner

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    There isn't a side hustle for a millennial with less responsibility than sign spinner. All you have to do is hold the sign and maybe do a little dance and wait for the cash to start rolling in. 

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    Rent Your Apartment On Air BnB

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    Do you have friends that will let you crash on their couch for a weekend? If so, you might be able to rent out your apartment, or even a spare room (if you have one) to make some extra money in this non-stop nightmare called life. If you're going to get into the #BnBLIFE then you need to realize that you have to make a large up-front investment to clean up your apartment, take cool pictures of your place so vacationers will want to sleep in your gross room, and stock up on all the smell-good candles you can find. Never forget that traveling scoundrels are very smelly. 

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    Become A Part Time Skeleton Boy

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    Every house needs a skeleton boy, but so few home owners realize that they have to provide their own. If you're partial to wearing the skeleton suit, don't mind hiding in a closet to reach out at unsuspecting children, and have naturally clattery bones then you can make some extra money and have fun doing it. 

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    Become A Professional Competitive Eater

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    You'll do much better at competitive eating if you get this through your head now, you're not going to be a winner overnight. But, you can work up to winning whatever cash you can in a hot dog eating contest while you eat for free, and get all the carbs you need for the rest of the week. Think of all the money you'll save on groceries. 

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