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The Best Sidekicks in Comics

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Sidekicks are vital to comic book lore. Who's Batman without Robin? Cap without Bucky? Doctor Strange without that Wong guy?

Sidekicks don't get enough credit. They're in just as much, if not more, danger than the main hero. They're in all the same situations, usually with less training, and super villains don't exactly go around kidnapping heroes waiting for the sidekicks to come rescue them. Nope. Sidekicks are pure kidnap fodder. 

So we wanted to give the little guy his due here at Ranker; we want to appreciate the noble sidekick, and these are the best of the best! Vote up your favorite sidekick in comic book history. 

  • Tim Drake
    Photo: Batman / DC Comics

    AKA Robin, Red Robin

    Sidekick of: Batman

    Flashback scenes revealed a young Tim Drake was also in the audience when the Graysons fell. He discovers the identity of Robin (recognizing a gymnastics move) and then deduces who Batman is and becomes the 3rd Robin when Jason Todd dies.
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  • AKA the original Kid Flash

    Sidekick of: The Flash

    Superspeed, agility, and all things Flash.
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  • Barbara Gordon
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use

    AKA Batgirl/Batwoman, later Oracle

    Sidekick of: Batman

    Daughter of Commissioner Gordon, she takes up the Batgirl mantle and then later Oracle after being shot by The Joker.
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  • AKA Robin, then later the Red Hood

    Sidekick of: Batman

    Picking up the mantle after Dick Grayson became Nightwing, Todd was at first loved by fans, but that quickly turned to hatred. He was killed by a 1-900 number vote. The Joker clubbed him to death with a crowbar and then blew him up. But don't worry; he came back decades later as a violent vigilante, The Red Hood.
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