The Best Non-Speaking Disney Characters

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Whenever someone asks about your favorite Disney character, it probably doesn't take long for one to come to mind, but not all of those beloved characters are the most well-known ones. There are many characters who didn't have to say much to become popular. Instead, they can communicate with actions and sounds that are just as endearing.

Most of these non-speaking characters are Disney animals, but a few are humanoid or even inanimate objects instead. Regardless of who they are and how they fit into their films, these characters make their stories more exciting. So, here are a few characters we still loved despite them not talking.

Photo: Aladdin / Buena Vista Pictures

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    Like real-life dogs, Pluto never speaks, but we can still understand how he's feeling. He makes sounds that resemble woofs, yaps, and yelps, which sometimes seem like words. Many fans are curious why Pluto is the only one of the group that can't talk, and it's because characters like Mickey and Goofy were designed as “human-like” characters while Pluto is a pet. Plus, not speaking adds to Pluto's charm.

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  • Before Aladdin, no one would've thought of a magic carpet as a sentient being. Yet, anything can happen when magic is involved. Aladdin bonds with Carpet in the film when they meet in the Cave of Wonders. Carpet can't make sounds or show facial expressions, so all his communication is through movements. It's amazing how Disney made a carpet adorable and lovable, and Aladdin's journey wouldn't be complete without this unique character.

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  • Abu can make a series of sounds that resemble talking, but his only real way to talk with humans is through Aladdin. The adorable monkey will make noises and gestures, and Aladdin will explain what it means to those who don't understand. Like many sidekicks, Abu is sassy and silly, adding some lighthearted comedy to the classic film. His lack of talking doesn't affect his bond with his human friend at all.

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    Dumbo From 'Dumbo'

    Despite being the main character of his film, Dumbo never says a word. Dumbo is the first and only protagonist in a Disney feature film that doesn't talk. Some of the other animals in the movie speak to him, but he only responds with adorable expressions and ear movements. Luckily, his actions show how he's feeling without words, and his cuteness is undeniable because of it.

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    Cri-Kee From 'Mulan'

    Most people don't find real-life crickets cute, but Cri-Kee has one of the sweetest faces. Not only is he a lucky cricket and Mushu's sidekick, but he helps drive the plot by bringing Mushu and Mulan together. He's able to get his opinions across just by chirping and making a series of facial expressions. He can't be understood by humans, but mythical creatures like Mushu know what he's saying.

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  • When you live in a tower your whole life, you might be eager to befriend anyone, even if you can't verbally communicate with each other. Pascal is Rapunzel's best friend in Tangled, but since animals don't speak in the film's world, he has to communicate with her in other ways. He makes cute noises, gestures, and expressions. Of course, he also changes colors to signify how he's feeling, which allows him to hide when Mother Gothel comes home. Even without words, Pascal is one of the most adorable and loyal Disney sidekicks.

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