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The Best Simon Cowell Shows

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Simon Cowell has become one of the most recognizable figures in reality television. American audiences were first introduced to his dry, British wit when he became a judge on American Idol. Viewers instantly hated to love Cowell due to his harsh feedback and the very blunt way he dealt with the singers. It contrasted nicely with Paula Abdul's love for everyone who stepped foot on stage. However, this was just a jumping point. Numerous Simon Cowell shows have gone on the air since American Idol first debuted, and Cowell himself has become a pop culture icon. Although he's produced and created a lot of television shows, Simon Cowell has starred on only a few as host and judge.

Cowell's nastiness has subsided a bit over the years. With shows like America's Got Talent, it's a bit easier to be nicer. After all, pretty much everyone who takes the stage has a genuine talent to an extent, so there is no need for the nasty words. Do you like a calmer Simon Cowell, or do you wish he would go back to his old, blunt ways?

What do you think the best TV show with Simon Cowell is? Normally, Cowell is the one judging, but now, you are the one in the driver's seat. You have the power, so vote for the shows you like best. You can also downvote any entries you think are a bit pitchy.

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