music The Catchiest Songs Ever Sung on The Simpsons  

Jacoby Bancroft
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As this list makes clear, The Simpsons songs represent some of the best music on TV. Millions of years from now, when the robot overloads have conquered humanity, there will still be new episodes of The Simpsons. America's favorite fictional yellow family refuses to die, and throughout its long history, the show has produced a multitude of catchy original songs. You never know what you're going to get with songs from The Simpsons.

They range from downright odd (looking at you "SpiderPig") to weirdly heartwarming (Michael Jackson and Bart singing Happy Birthday to Lisa is a series highpoint), but all of them are great. Check out the list of the best songs on The Simpsons and vote up the catchiest, most classic little ditties from Springfield.

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See My Vest

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"Two Dozen and One Greyhounds," Season 6

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Dr. Zaius

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"A Fish Called Selma," Season 7

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"Homer the Great," Season 6

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Monorail Song

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"Marge Vs. the Monorail," Season 4