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The Best Singers Who Kind Of Mumble

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This is a list of the best singers who kind of mumble while singing, as ranked by experts and fans like you.

Many of the musicians on this list are among the most famous in the world. Others are up-and-coming artists building and expanding a fan base. All of them are beloved and revered by millions around the world, yet sometimes, it is hard to figure out what they are singing. It's not that their songs are written poorly or that metaphors are so dense that they are going over people's heads. No, it's because these notable singers are mumbling.

Believe it or not, mumbling is not a bad tool to use in music. A singer's voice box is an instrument in itself, one that blends with the strings, woodwinds, percussions, and everything else that goes into performing a song. You don't need necessarily need lyrics – just ask jazz singers who scat and folks who whistle. It just has to be melodic. The greatest singers who mumble, like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Janis Joplin, still perform a service to entertain and move you. You might not understand what they are singing, even mishearing the lyrics, but you're touched nonetheless.

Please check out this list of top mumbling singers and rank them. And if you don't see your favorite incoherent musician here, feel free to add them so that the rest of the world can vote on their undecipherableness.

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