The Best Singing Drummers

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Rank the list based on their singing prowess, not their drumming skills.

Prepare to be impressed by this list of drummers who also sing. These musicians are both notable as capable drummers and strong vocalists. Many of them played both roles in a single band, including Ringo Starr (who performed vocals and drums on The Beatles' "Octopus Garden" and "Yellow Submarine," among others) and trailblazing female songwriter Karen Carpenter. Other singing drummers became notable for their vocal skills only after parting ways with their former band, as is the case with Dave Grohl. Initially known primarily as the drummers for legendary grunge band Nirvana, he stepped out from behind the drum kit to serve as the frontman and lead singer for his follow-up project, Foo Fighters.

Drummers are often the least visible, famous members of a large, popular rock band, making the number of great percussionists who have proven themselves to be great singers rather low. Vote for your favorite drums players/vocalists below. 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY)
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