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The Best Movies For Single Guys

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List RulesVote up your favorite films that feature men who are single for most if not all of the movie.

The movies on this single guys movie list show all sides of the struggle. They're a mix of romantic comedies, serious dramas, and even some science fiction. But they're all dedicated to depicting men going through their lives on their own and all the challenges and rewards that entails.

It can be tough to be single. Paying rent on your own, finding dates to weddings, not to mention navigating the strange and dizzying world of dating apps. But being single has its good sides. You're able to travel on a whim, make your own decisions, and you get to meet exciting new people. As you see all those couples struggling through their Valentine's Day, forcing themselves to be romantic, it can feel pretty good to be single.

So vote for the top single guys movies and don't forget to add anything that's missing!

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