The Best Movies That (Mostly) Take Place In A Single Location

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A single-setting movie has the unique challenge of using a geographic restriction as a source of inspiration. Whether they're taking place in one room, a house, or even a submarine, single-location films have to keep our attention, build up tension, and keep things interesting even while sticking to the same general locale for the duration.

The best examples use their cinematic space to make even everyday locations feel urgent, claustrophobic, or microcosmic. Thus, it may be no surprise that the minimal-location format often works best with thrillers and horror movies - genres that can most naturally take advantage of their settings, placing pressure on characters increasingly desperate to escape. While most of these movies take place in a single day - or one night in Nakatomi Plaza - they all stand out for exhausting every ounce of storytelling potential from their surroundings.

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