The Greatest Single Mom TV Shows

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Moms are the best, and the best shows about single moms celebrate just how hard the job is - and humanize the struggles of raising a bunch of kids all on your own. This list of shows about single moms is ranked from the best to the worst, based on votes from the Ranker community. Thanks to you, we can find the absolute best TV shows about moms managing all on their own.

Gilmore Girls and Weeds have two very different types of quirky single moms - Lorelai Gilmore manages the town's bed and breakfast while raising her daughter while Nancy Botwin turns to more nefarious money-making options - but both love the heck out of their kids and are doing their best to give them the best lives possible, even if they make questionable choices sometimes. Whether they're facing a midlife crisis while raising kids, or have found a sitcom-stable balance with help from friends and family, the moms in these shows aren't just single, they're singular.

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