The Best Skate Shoe Brands

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Ever wonder whether DC Shoes or Vans tops people’s list of the best skate shoe brands? Some people put Vans on top of their lists of the skate shoe brands, but maybe you prefer Nike. Whether you think the top skate shoe companies focus on style or performance, make your opinion heard.

Other name brands that make it onto this best skate shoe brands list include Adidas, Etnies, and more. Since its founding in 1966, Vans has given skateboarders quality shoes with a unique style. This good skate footwear company has always been popular with musicians and it has sponsored the Warped Tour traveling music festival for over 15 years. Vans have also appeared in many films, most famously when Sean Penn wore them in the 1982 movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. DC Shoes is another great skate shoe brand. 

Converse All-Stars, AKA Chuck Taylors, are another popular skateboarding shoe company. Though originally designed for playing basketball, Chuck Taylors increased in popularity after they were embraced by the skate community. Airwalk was a popular skateboarding company in the 1990s and Volcom has increased in popularity over the years, thanks in part to its clothing and outerwear lines. Other good labels that appear on this top skate shoe brands list include Element Skateboards, Nike and Fallen Footwear. 

What skater shoe brands do you wear when you nail that sweet trick? Give your favorite skater shoe brand a vote up and get your opinion heard.

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