The Best Skate Spots in Los Angeles

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Street spots, skateparks, bowls,... whatever you can ride!

What is the most iconic, legendary, unmissable skate spot in Los Angeles?

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  • West L.A. Courthouse
    424 votes

    West L.A. Courthouse

    Legendary L.A. spot recently rehabilitated. Good crowd of pro skaters & amateurs riding these mythical blue ledges. Thanks L.A.! 
  • Green Ledges
    469 votes

    Green Ledges

    Louie Lopez bs tail to bs noseblunt.
  • Hollywood High School
    222 votes

    Hollywood High School

    Mythical tricks from Andrew Reynolds (fs flip), TJ Rogers (fs 360) & so many more krakens!

  • Staples Center
    284 votes

    Staples Center

    "gnarly" spot.
  • JKwon Plaza
    182 votes

    JKwon Plaza

     DGK's place, Boo Johnson hardflip fs board.

  • Stoner Skate Plaza
    170 votes

    Stoner Skate Plaza

    Great crowd everyday, good park to improve your street technique (perfect ground for your powerslide).