The Best Skirt Hangers

List of the best skirt hangers available for you to buy online. Out of all the skirt hangers on the market, women who take pride in their closets deemed these top of the line. Making sure you are purchasing the best skirt hangers out there is important in order to keep skirts in good shape while they await your usage. Women do not want their skirts to wrinkle while they are not being worn. Sturdy hangers, plastic or wood or metal, will do just the trick -- and hangers specifically designed for skirts will be perfect for your closet. In looking for the best skirt hangers for sale, women ask, "What brands make the best skirt hangers?" Women made brands like The Great American Hanger Company and ProMart very popular as a result of satisfactorily purchasing their skirt hangers. Optimize your space and treat your clothing right by using this page as your trusty tool in searching for the next available skirt hanger. Check out smooth chrome finishes and cushioned clamps or go all out with a set of sixteen.
  • Maximize your storage space with this one simple product. This 4 tier trouser/ skirt hanger feature strong clips that swivel so you can clip on up to four clothing items. Designed to give you more space, this hanger is a must have for all closets!
  • Honey-Can-Do HNGZ01535 Skirt/Pant Hangers With Clips, Cedar, 8-Pack Sturdy clips to hang skirts and pants Sturdy hanging hook swivels Soft Touch Grips On The Inside To Keep Your Garments Secure And 'Dent' Free maximizes closet space Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Whitmor's 6021-181 Add-On Skirt/Slack hangers come in a set of three with the ability to simply add more when needed. These convenient hangers come from Whitmors Ebony Chrome Hanger Collection featuring a simple yet unique design that is substantial enough to keep your garments in place while protecting them from unwanted creases or snags.
  • Whitmor's 4 Tier Folding Skirt Hanger can store up to 4 skirts per hanger. The easy to use pinch grip clamps securely hold your garments and can accommodate bulkier items as well. A perfect way to stay organized and keep your clothing looking great for longer. Measures: 1.0"L x 14.0"W x 15.0"H
  • Natural finish imperial skirt hangers give your closet the organization and space that you need. Securely holds your skirts or slacks without having to worry about creases or wrinkles. The elegant natural finish is a great way to keep the closet organized. Use for trousers, slacks or skirts. Each hanger has a set of metal clamps with durable metal mechanisms.
  • These 14" clear plastic - pant/skirt hangers come with a steel swivel hook and hanging clips with cushions.
  • Keep your skirts and slacks hanging smooth and wrinkle-free with these crystal-clear pant hangers. Made of high-impact plastic with metal swivel hook and adjustable sure-grip metal clips designed to adjust to any waist size. Each skirt, slack hanger clip has an interior rubber coating to securely grip and protect your pants, skirts and other garments.
  • Plastic pinch grip pant hangers with soft rubber cushions to protect garments.
  • Closet Complete, America's Favorite Brand, brings quality, luxury and value to the care of all of your clothing with our 3-piece Foam-Coated Chrome Skirt & Pants Hangers. Simply clip in your skirt or pants and hang. The gel coating on the clips gently holds them securely in place and prevents slipping and creasing.
  • Honey-Can-Do HNG-01437 Crystal Suit Hanger with Clips, 6-Pack. Adjustable clips. 6-Pack of plastic hangers. sturdy metal clips, securely holds pants in place. 360-degree swivel hook is sturdy. high impact plastic, strong & lightweight
  • Whitmor's 6021-182 Add-on Skirt/Blouse Hangers come in a set of two with the ability to simply add more as needed. These convenient hangers come from Whitmors Ebony Chrome Hanger Collection featuring a simple yet unique design that is substantial enough to keep your garments in place while protecting them from unwanted creases or snags.
  • Add a touch of elegance to your closet with these beautifully crafted skirt hangers by Whitmor. Made of solid hardwood with a polished chrome swivel hook. Multiple coatings of lacquer create a smooth snag free finish. Each hanger features a slim, space-saving body with cushioned clamps that will keep your skirts or slacks neat and straight.
  • Add a bit of elegance to your closet with these cherry wood slack and skirt hangers from whitmor. These hangers are constructed with durable hardwood in a warm cherry finish. A polished chrome hanging hook with a strong locking mechanism securely holds garments in place when hanging from a closet rod.
  • Are you tired of your clothes slipping onto the closet floor? These powerful jawbreaker skirt and slack hangers will never let your clothes down. Powerful clamp locks your skirts and pants into slip resistant vinyl. .
  • Whitmor Skirt Hangers 1 X 13.5 X 4.9 Chrome Neck Clear Lacquer Finished Wood With Padded Clips Card Of 5 Discovery Acc All items sold new in original packaging
  • size: 6-1/4x11-1/2-Inch(16x29cm), White and Blue. Soft Touch feel clips
  • Closet Complete America's Favorite Brand brings quality, luxury and value to the care of all of your suits with our 50-piece Black Ultra Thin No Slip Velvet Suit Hanger. Contoured shoulders protect your suits' shape and fabric, notches hold accessories securely. The no-slip velvet feel holds clothes securely and prevents slipping.
  • Heavy duty, Non slip grip, Multi-use, Holds ties, scarves, belts, and more.
  • Not your orinary skirt hanger, our exclusive Grippy Clips are easier to operate and have 30-percent more holding power than regular clips, with 5-coil torsion springs and our exclusive Super Grippy nonslip coating. Clothes look freshly-pressed , because the no-slide clips don't move sideways unless you open them, and stay put when you let go.
  • The amazing quality of Karen Rhodes Velvet Hangers will help maximize your closet space while keeping it looking clean and organized, Flocked in Velvet perfect for suits, shirts, blouses and pants, your clothes will never slip off again
  • These solid wood trouser hangers by Whitmor are perfect for hanging and organizing pants and skirts in any closet. The set of five generously sized wooden slack hangers feature full-width gripping grooves and a plastic clamp-lock to hold pants securely. This classic design will not crush the seams of your garments and will keep your trousers in freshly pressed condition.
  • Honey-Can-Do HNG-01535 Skirt/Pant Hanger with Clips, Cedar, 4-Pack. Pack of 4 wooden skirt/pant hangers for blouses, dresses and pants. Made from durable cedar with a smooth, natural finish. Non-slip steel grip clips for hanging extra accessories or garments. Sturdy hanging hook with polished chrome finish and 360-degree swivel design.
  • Whitmors 6027-230 4 Tier Skirt Hanger features swing out bars with skirt clips for easy storage and access. The unique space saving design features durable molded white plastic resulting in a strong snag-free hanger. This hanger has 4 tiers of hanging bars. Measures: 1.5L x 14.5W x 16H.
  • Black plastic pant/skirt hangers with steel swivel hook and adjustable clips for hanging pants or skirts.
  • This hanger allows you to hang multiple skirts at a time, the clips have rubber tips to prevent marks on clothing.