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The Best Sleeping with Sirens Albums, Ranked

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We're ranking the best Sleeping with Sirens albums of all time. One of the best rock bands from Florida, Sleeping with Sirens's discography features several popular songs, like "Alone" and "Legends." What is the greatest Sleeping with Sirens album ever?

From their debut album With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear to their 2017 album Gossip, this list of Sleeping with Sirens albums also includes Madness, Feel, and Let's Cheers to This.

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  • Photo: Rise

    1. Do It Now Remember It Later
    2. If You Can't Hang
    3. Who Are You Now
    4. Four Corners and Two Sides
    5. A Trophy Father's Trophy Son
    6. Fire
    7. Tally It Up: Settle the Score
    8. Your Nickel Ain't Worth My Dime
    9. Postcards and Polaroids
    10. All My Heart
    11. Let's Cheers to This  

    • Release Date: 2011
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  • Photo: Sumerian

    1. Leave It All Behind
    2. Never Enough (feat. Benji Madden of Good Charlotte)
    3. How It Feels to Be Lost
    4. Agree to Disagree
    5. Ghost
    6. Blood Lines
    7. Break Me Down
    8. Another Nightmare
    9. P.S. Missing You
    10. Medicine (Devil in My Head)
    11. Dying to Believe

    • Release Date: 2019
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  • Photo: user uploaded image

    1. If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn 
    2. The Bomb Dot Com v2.0
    3. You Kill Me (In a Good Way)
    4. Let Love Bleed Red (feat. Aaron Marsh)
    5. Captain Tyin' Knots vs. Mr. Walkway (No Way) (feat. David Stephens)
    6. Don't Fall Asleep at the Helm
    7. With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear
    8. In Case of Emergency, Dial 411
    9. The Left Side of Everywhere
    10. Dance Party   

    • Release Date: 2010
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  • Photo: Epitaph

    1. Kick Me
    2. Go Go Go
    3. Gold
    4. Save Me a Spark
    5. Fly
    6. The Strays
    7. Left Alone
    8. Better Off Dead
    9. We Like It Loud
    10. Heroine
    11. November
    12. Madness
    13. Don't Say Anything            

    • Release Date: 2015
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