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The Most Memorable 'Sleepless in Seattle' Quotes

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When you look at the best Sleepless in Seattle quotes, it's easy to see why it's one of the defining romantic comedies of the '90s. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan had undeniable chemistry, and the charming story of finding love from opposite ends of the country. To this day, it's a classic Valentine's Day flick to watch with your loved one. Even now, it puts a tear in your eye to watch these two people fall in love. 

What are your favorite Sleepless in Seattle movie quotes? Vote for the lines you'd climb to the top of the Empire State Building for. 

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    Move On

    Sam: Move on. Right. That's what I'm going to do. In a few months, I'll be fine, I'll just grow a new heart.

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      Tough Time

      Sam: Look, we had a tough time at first, but we're dealing with it. Jonah and I will get along fine again... as soon as I break his radio.

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        There's No Reason

        Sam: Mommy got sick. And it happened just like that. There was nothing anybody could do. It isn't fair. There's no reason. But if we start asking why, we'll go crazy.

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          Mom Never Yelled At Me

          Jonah: Shut up, shut up?! Mom never said shut up to me! Mom never yelled at me!

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