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The 15 Best Slice of Life Anime on Crunchyroll

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Of all the streaming services out there, Crunchyroll might just be the best place for slice of life anime. From Kino's Journey to Sound! Euphonium, let's take a look at the best slice of life anime currently streaming on Crunchyroll, ranked by anime fans like you.

Who says slice of life has to be boring? Crunchyroll has Recovery of an MMO Junkie, a series about two recluse gamers who form a romance while playing online video games together. Another great Crunchyroll slice of life anime is A Place Further than the Universe, which follows a girl named Mari along her journey to Antarctica.

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  • Dragon's and maids will always go together now that this show is a thing; Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is one of the cutest slice of life shows out there, even if it is a little strange. Kobayashi may have made the biggest, drunkest mistake of her life by agreeing to let a dragon live with her as a her maid. But Tohru has a genuine love for Kobayashi and tries her best to learn about humans and what it means to be a good maid. There are plenty of shenanigans and, of course, plenty of dragons. 

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  • Raku Ichijo is in a very strange position since he's the son of a yakuza leader as there are a lot of responsibilities, as you can imagine. One of those responsibilities is helping end a gang feud by pairing up with the daughter of a rival group; a girl named Chitoge. The two have had a run in before and don't seem to like each other, but for the sake of their families, they have to be willing enough to at least act like a couple. 

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  • If you find yourself addicted to the grind of a video game, while also silently wishing for a little romance, this anime is definitely for you. Moriko Morioka left her job to become a NEET and enjoy the rest of her days grinding away at video games. She starts this new life by playing a male character on a brand new MMO, where she meets a friendly girl who's willing to teach her about the game. Her new friend, Lily, just so happens to be played by a man and a loving, but shy, romance begins to blossom. 

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  • GAMERS! is one of those games that gets a little too real for those of us in love with video games. The leading character, Keita Amano, is often scouted to be a competitive gamer, but reveals that he doesn't play to win; he simply plays to enjoy any and all games he just happens to take interest in. The show ultimately revolves around themes of love triangles and typical teenage confusion all while characters bond over their love for video games.

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