The Best Slice Of Life Anime

When it comes to anime, sometimes it's nice to take a break from the craziness of fighting and watch something that's a little more like everyday life. That's what slice of life anime brings to the table- a narrow but close look into the life of a fellow human being, minus the mecha robots or witches with superpowers that other more fantastical shows have to offer. These shows feature ordinary people doing ordinary things, so don't expect to see any laser beams or epic battles to the death if you watch any of these.

In slice of life anime the strength comes from the drama and realism of characters, and often times the show will feature a love interest for the main character. Anime that can be considered as "slice of life" include Beck, the story of a young boy's desire to learn the guitar, and Bartender, a look into the life of someone who serves drinks for a living. Vote for your favorite shows on the list, and add some if you think they deserve to be here. Just make sure the show falls under the slice of life genre if you're going to put it on this poll. 
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