The Best Slice of Life Manga

Manga doesn't need to include magical powers, complex political machinations, or high-stakes battles to be interesting. In fact, some of the greatest manga ever made are slice of life manga - stories that feature relatable tales of everyday life. 

If you're an adult dealing with work stress, you might want to try Barakamon, a slice of life manga that follows a stressed-out twenty-something whose career mistake gets him sent to an isolated island where he learns how to chill out and enjoy a simpler lifestyle. If you're looking for an emotionally resonant tale of high school romance, try Toradora!, a story where two people with wildly different personalities fall in love. Like sports? Try Haikyuu!, the best volleyball manga you could ever hope to read.

No matter what aspect of everyday life you're looking to read about, there's something on this list for you. Vote up the slice of life manga that you consider the greatest to help fellow fans find their next great read. 

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