Weird Nature 40 Super Cute GIFs of Sloths Doing Things  

Bunny Brinkman
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Why are sloths all the rage right now? A number of reasons. They have people-like arms and hands that grab hold of objects, caretakers, and each other, hugging like human babies. They look like they're smiling most of the time. They are tiny, like the size of cats or small dogs. They seem kind of helpless – two of the six species are endangered – slow-moving on the ground where we see them most. They nap a ton, and they do it while hanging upside down from tree limbs. Oh, and they eat upside-down, too. And give birth that way. They only go down to the ground to poop once a week.

What's not to love? This is a collection of GIFs of sloths doing things like napping, hugging, eating, crawling, swimming, communicating, swinging, judging, looking, and other activities. Some are baby sloth gifs, and others are not. Can you even tell the difference? Upvote your favorites. 
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Crap, Are We Rolling?

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I Sparkle Because I'm Made of Magic

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