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Sometimes we just want to slow down and take a listen to great slow song with even better lyrics. Often these songs can be uplifting, they can help us understand, and sometimes they can just make us sad. Regardless, often a slow song can speak to us more than an upbeat one.

The best country slow country songs are often the most moving of these songs because they tell a familiar and relatable story about love or loss.

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By: George Strait
 A great song for a slow dance at weddings as its a song about promises.

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Alan Jackson. A song about reflecting on the "firsts" in love and life.

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Rascal Flatts
By: Rascal Flatts
A song about searching for the one.

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By: Brad Paisley
obviously a great choice for a slow dance.

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megan-h added Keith Whitley

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By: Lonestar. 
One of the biggest hits of the '90s

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John Michael Montgomery
By: John Michael Montgomery
A staple song for school dances and weddings

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Tim McGraw, Faith Hill
By: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
Great love song by real life husband and wife duo.

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Keith Whitley
By: Keith Whitley
An incredibly sad slow dance song

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LeAnn Womack. A song about wishing the best for the future.

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by: Billy Currington
A slow country love song.

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by: George Strait
A song about trying to fix a broken relationship.

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Sugarland. A sad slow song about not wanting to lose a lover.

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By: Tracy Byrd
A song about thanking god for bring two lovers together.

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Shania Twain

By: Shania Twain

 A song about still loving someone after all these years

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By: Brad Paisley
A song about big moments in a relationship

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Chris Young. A song about asking for another chance.

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PhillipWarwick added Geoff Moore

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Shania Twain. A song about vowing to care for the one you love.

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hejacountrybest added

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By: Kenny Chesney
A long standing slow favorite for lovers.

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Brad Paisley. A song about reflecting on life.

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hejacountrybest added

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By: Kenny Chesney
A song about loving someone even when you're away from them.

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Vince Gill. A song about looking back on life together with the one you love.