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The Most Memorable 'Slumdog Millionaire' Quotes

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The best Slumdog Millionaire quotes show why the film was such a beloved hit when it was released in 2008. The film told the story of a boy who came from poverty and went on to answer every question right on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The movie would go on to win Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, and a slew of other categories. For this list, we're mainly concerned with the best quotes that show why the movie won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay

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    Money and Women

    Police Inspector: Money and women – the reasons to make the most mistakes in life. It looks like you are mixed up in both.

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      I Will Wait for You

      Jamal: I will wait for you. 5 P.M. everyday at the train station.

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        The Third Musketeer

        Jamal: She could be the third Musketeer!

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          Is This Heaven?

          Jamal: Is this heaven?

          Salim: You're not dead, Jamal.

          Jamal: What is it? Some hotel?

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