The Best Small Cities to Visit in Western Europe

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Any Western European small town good for travel

This is a list of the best small cities to visit in Western Europe. While nearly every town in Europe is rich in culture and attraction, some outshine their neighbors next door. It has been said that the lesser known places are hidden gems in which one can truly discover the beauty of Europe. Travel can be tricky when you have so many places to choose from. Hopefully, this comprehensive list will help you decide where to take that well-deserved getaway. Then, click here for great hotel deals!

Have you and your husband always dreamed of flying to see the lush, green mountains that breathe in the sky? Then to Murren, Switzerland it is! Have you and your girlfriend forever wondered what it would be like to ride a donkey down cobbled, carless streets? Then to Clovelly, England it is! Have you and your best friend been wanting to have an authentic small medieval town experience? Then you simply must travel to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, in Germany.

What is your favorite small Western European city to travel to? What gems have you discovered, or heard of? Which European cities offer the greatest non-touristy experience? Make your voice heard, and give credit to those small cities that deserve it.
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  • Bruges
    177 votes
    West Flanders, Belgium
  • Salzburg
    189 votes
    Salzburg, Austria
  • Siena
    195 votes
    Tuscany, Italy
  • Porto
    51 votes
    Porto District, Portugal