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Adorable Names to Give a Dog That Is Teeny Tiny

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There are many reasons to get a small dog. They fit perfectly on your lap for when you just want to hang out at night after a long day at work. They are great with young kids. And they take up less space in the house or apartment. If you keep your dog in a crate at night, it will not take up as much space in the bedroom. Before you get to take advantage of all this, you first need to name your new puppy. This list of tiny dog names will inspire you. Just don't expect to find any ironic names for small dogs on this list like "Giant" or "Monster."

Small dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some can fit in your palm even when they are adults. Others get a little bigger and can take up an entire couch cushion all on their own. They may be tiny, but they can pack some big barks. So be careful not to get on their bad sides. 

With these names, everyone will be able to guess what size your dog is before even meeting it. All dog lovers can agree that these tiny dog name ideas are fantastically adorable.