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The Best Smallfoot Quotes

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Smallfoot is an animated film which follows a tribe of yetis who don't believe in the mythical creature, Smallfoot. Karey Kirkpatrick wrote and directed the movie with help form Clare Sera on the screenplay. For this list we're highlighting the best quotes from Smallfoot, with the help of your votes. The charming family flick features something for everyone, including great one-liners and some hilarious back-and-forth dialogue.

In Smallfoot, Migo (Channing Tatum) comes across the elusive smallfoot, a human named Percy (James Corden). Migo tried to convince his tribe of yetis that he has found a Smallfoot. The elder yeti, Stonekeeper (Common) tells Migo that he will be banished from the village if he continues to lie about the smallfoot. Migo, with the help of the SES (Smallfoot Exists, Suckers), whose members are Gwangi (Lebron James), Kolka (Gina Rodriguez), Fleem (Ely Henry) and Meechee (Zendaya), sets out down the mountain to find the smallfoot he encountered. Friendships and loyalty are tested as Migo brings the smallfoot back to the village to prove its existence.

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    Proves Nothing

    Meechee: Welcome to the secret headquarters of the SES.
    Fleem: Stands for, Smallfoot Exists, Suckers.
    Meechee: We have been collecting proof of the Smallfoot’s existence. 
    [Meechee holds up a roll of toilet paper on a stick]
    Meechee: Behold, the scroll of invisible wisdom. Imagine the amazing stuff they put on here.
    Migo: This proves nothing!

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    I Saw It

    Stonekeeper: No, you didn't.
    Migo: Yeah, I did.
    Stonekeeper: No.
    Migo: I did.
    Stonekeeper: No.
    Migo: I saw it.
    Stonekeeper: It doesn't exist. Recant this ridiculous story and tell the truth.
    [Stonekeeper hits staff on ground]
    Migo: I am telling the truth.

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    Gwangi: Pull once to go lower. Twice to stay put. Three times to come up. Four pulls means you've reached the bottom and it's safe for us to come down.


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    Or Is It

    Migo: The world is a mysterious place. There are marvels of nature just waiting to be discovered by those who are daring enough to look. Marvels like the creature I had only heard existed in legend. A mythical monster straight out of your worst nightmares with wild eyes and a hideous face and feet that were amazingly freakishly... small! It's a terrifying creature, with perfect white teeth, and breath that just smells all minty fresh, and the only hair it has on its entire body is on the top of its head!
    [Yeti children and one faints]
    Kolka: Stop it, Migo, you're scaring them!
    Migo: Hey, don't be scared. Look, it's just a story. Everyone knows that the Smallfoot isn't real.
    Gwangi: Or is it? [Gwangi hold up a small foot's shoe]
    [all the Yetis run in horror]
    Migo: Oh, that's nice. Real nice. Way to scar them for life.

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