The Best Smells in the World

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Scientists have found that smell is the sense that’s most tied into memory, and this makes one contemplate the possibility that a person’s favorite smell is tied into a favorite memory. Whether it’s your mother cooking breakfast on a Sunday morning, or the memory of a beach vacation with an ex-lover, these sense memories are waiting in your subconscious to be awakened with one sniff of a candle. Call us sentimental, but all of the scents and pleasant odors on this list of the best smells in the world are connected to important parts of life, and you likely feel the same way about more than one of the smells on this list.

Even though you probably smell it every day, the aroma of ground coffee is still one of the best smelling scents imaginable. It’s possibly only topped by the smell of the air before it begins to rain. You'll surely have your own personal list of the best smells in the entire world, but how many of them cross over with those on this list? Are any of the smells something that most people find super gross, but you just love?

Check out this list of the best smells and don’t forget to vote up the ones your nose loves the most. Are any of your favorite scents missing? Feel free to add them for others to vote on.
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  • After it Rains
    6,872 votes

    After it Rains

  • Cold Mountain Air
    3,680 votes

    Cold Mountain Air

  • Cookies Fresh from the Oven
    5,344 votes

    Cookies Fresh from the Oven

  • Sea Breeze
    4,225 votes

    Sea Breeze

  • Cinnamon Rolls
    4,330 votes