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The Best Snake Pokémon, Ranked

Updated February 25, 2020 2.8k votes 326 voters 9.9k views18 items

List RulesVote up your favorite snake- and serpent-inspired Pokémon. If it slithers, it counts.

Sure, when most people think of snake Pokémon, the first character they picture is probably Ekans, but there are more snake- and serpent-like Pokémon than you might think. From water types to grass types to even flying and rock types, these sneaky snake-inspired Pokémon may look harmless, but one wrong move and your opponent could be mincemeat. 

While these slithering snakes and serpents may not be as popular as some Pokémon, they often possess awesome powers that help them overpower the competition. From Gyarados’s awesome Hydro Pump ability to Dragonair's powerful Hyper Beam, this list features all the best snake Pokémon from every generation. We even included Onix, whose body is definitely pretty snake-like.

Vote up your favorite snake and serpent Pokémon to see which character slithers their way to the tippy top.