The Best Sneaker Brands for Boys

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Seeking out the best sneaker brands for boys can save you money in the long run. Every mom knows boys can put some serious wear and tear on their shoes and clothes, so finding a pair of kicks that can stand all that stress is key. Of course, every kid wants a cool pair of shoes, whether it be for a new school year or the summer, but cool doesn't always mean quality. So, to ensure your kids get the shoes they want—and to buy you some time until the next pair—check out this list of top boys' shoe brands. 

From classics like Converse to school must-haves, such as Vans, there's a wide array of shoe companies to choose from. However, not every company puts the care and quality into their shoes like some others. Considering this, it's important to grab a pair known to last. For instance, if you need boys' boots, Merrell or Timberland may be your best option. Need something for summer? Try a pair of Crocs. 

Featuring both popular shoes for boys and top shoe brands, the list below will help you decide just which footwear companies are the best for boys. Take a look below and be sure to vote up the best brands. You can also add any boys' shoes brands to the list to help others find the very best.  

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