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The Best Free SNES Games To Play On The Switch Online

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Released in 1990, the Super Nintendo single-handedly revolutionized the gaming industry. Fortunately, Nintendo’s giving gamers a chance to relive the golden age of gaming by bringing some of these classic games to the Switch. Thanks to the Switch's virtual store, gamers can enjoy 16-bit classics like Super Mario World, Star Fox (as well as the ever-elusive Starfox 2)Super Mario Kart, and more. All gamers need is a subscription to Nintendo’s online service and they can play instantly. Most of these games even support two-player co-op adventures, so you can get your retro game by teaming up with some friends. 

With awesome new (or old, depending on how you look at it) SNES games released every few months, this list ranks all the best games you can play on the Switch right now. Sure, Zelda and Mario are obvious wins, but there are plenty of great SNES games on Switch that you may not have heard of - or played.

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